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Stock market is a world where, given the right resources, one can earn infinite wealth. However, this world moves on the tunes of various fundamental and technical factors. Not everyone knows the art. This site is an attempt fill that gap.

Fundamental factors include valuations, earnings, financial ratios and like influences while Technical factors includes studies like Gann Angles, Trend Lines, Fibonacci, Support & Resistance and like studies.

If we were to sum all the above said things it would come to one word – Data. Our philosophy towards work is based on the fact that each and every person should have free access to data. Hence, we are offering the following services for FREE 

  • Short term, Medium term and Long term stocks with proper targets and Stop Loss. Justification of these stocks will be given.
  • Constructing a portfolio with any given capital
  • Any questions / query on any stock/portfolio you hold

Any one interested in the above services are free to use the Contact Form or email me at

(Please read the Disclaimer before taking any decisions)

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