It may seem like a fantasy to you but the truth is that you can become way beyond a millionaire by simply investing time and money in one stock.

And that stock is Infosys. No, I am not talking about the stock price. I am talking about the frequency of bonus shares issued by this company. Have a look below:


History has it that Infosys has issued Bonus shares twice every 10 years. Note that Bonus shares has come during a time when its stock price is between Rs 2000 and Rs 3000. So, let’s say you invest Rs 1 lakh at Current Market Price, which is Rs 980. You would get about 100 shares.

Now, assuming that Infosys will carry on the trend. After 30 years, you would have received 3200 shares with the stock price around Rs 2000.

Your capital would be 3200 x 2000 = Rs 64,00,000 (Rs 6.4 million)

(After 1 bonus your number of shares would be – 200; 2nd bonus – 400; 3rd bonus – 800; 4th bonus – 1600; 5th bonus – 3200).

So, what are you waiting for. Rs 1 lakh in today’s time is not a being deal. Buy 100 shares of Infosys and forget it for 3 decades. And then see the power of compounding.