If the answer of the above question is a Yes, then I am going to give a list of 3 stocks which you should Buy and Hold it for at least 8-10 years. I can guarantee that these stocks will reward you in terms of Price Appreciation, Bonus and Dividends. All you have to do is invest Rs 5 lakhs.

Here they are:

Bharat Petroleum Limited (BPCL)


Perfect Buy Between Rs 400-450. Expected Target Price – Rs 1500. Expect the company to give bonus two times with 1:1 ratio. Dividend Yield is 6%, which is higher than the Savings Interest Rate.

VETO Switchgears and Cables


Best price to buy is CMP. Expected Target Price – Rs 630. Although has a dividend yield of 1%. It should increase anywhere between 2%-3%. Expect the company to give a one time bonus of 1:1.



CMP is the best time to by the stock. Expected Target price – Rs 2100. Expect the company to give a bonus of 1:1, atleast once. Company has a Dividend Yield of 2.62%.