If someone asks you do you want to become rich? Obviously your answer would a Yes. Now, again if someone asks do you want to become wealthy? Again, your answer would be a Yes. Well, which is it? Rich or Wealthy?

I am sure most of you may be thinking that being rich and wealth is the same. But the truth is there is a huge difference between these two words. The difference is not in terms of money, the difference is in the way you earn money. Let’s see the difference –

Rich – Scenario 1

Suppose you have a million bucks. You may have got it in inheritance. Now you want to invest it somewhere. You have no knowledge of trading and are looking to invest in the stock markets. You hire an MBA Finance fresher or SEBI registered stock market advisory who would help you in doing research and provide calls for you for a monthly pay.

Like a robot you would be doing exactly what the MBA fresher or the advisory would be telling you. In the process, over a period of time, you will be earning tons of money.


Wealthy- Scenario 2

Let’s say you just have Rs 30,000 in your pocket. By education you have done MBA Finance ad have enough experience and knowledge of the Indian stock markets. Your aim is to multiply your Rs 30,000. The guys uses this technique –



Did you get the at end of the both scenarios – who is wealthy and who is rich? And which is better of the both?

If I were to describe the difference between rich and wealthy – it would be KNOWLEDGE.

Any person in the world can become rich but becoming wealthy – that’s becomes an important achievement in your life because it comes from knowledge.

Moral of the story – Aim to become Wealthy, not Rich.