Answer me this. Do you wish to become a self-made millionaire? Obviously you would. Such a stupid question right. Do you have what it takes to become a millionaire? It does not takes much. All you need is Rs 30,000, some knowledge of markets and self-discipline. Let me explain how you can become a self-made millionaire in just 1 year with Rs 30,000 as an initial capital.

So here it goes:

Let’s say you have Rs 30,000 capital. No big deal. It is a normal which I think anyone and everyone can afford.

With Rs 30,000 capital and using a discount broker one can easily trade 1 lot (Using a Covered Order i.e. Placing a Stop Loss in the system)

Now all you have to do in the entire month of trade is look for an opportunity where you can earn 20 points, using some technical knowledge, in Nifty everyday on 1 lot.

There are 22 trading days. Assuming that you make losses of 20 points for 5 days per month, you tend to earn Rs 25,500 a month.

Now comes the second month. Repeat what you did in the first month except that you trade in 2 lots.

And so on and so forth for 10 continuous months. The result is as shown below.

Assuming that you trade exactly as per said above (give or take) and assuming the 5-day losses every month. You will have converted Rs 30,000 into Rs 14 lakhs in just 10 months.

Isn’t this unbelievable people?

Initial Capital Rs 30,000
Months Number of Lots (Per Month) Nifty Points(Assuming Profits and Losses) Gain
1 1 25500 25500
2 2 51000 76500
3 3 76500 153000
4 4 102000 255000
5 5 127500 382500
6 6 153000 535500
7 7 178500 714000
8 8 204000 918000
9 9 229500 1147500
10 10 255000 1402500